Read and Spell Coupon Code, Review & Discount Code 2023

TTRS is an online course that has been created by experts in children’s literacy. It provides a high-quality approach to learning touch typing, aiming to help children learn to read and spell more effectively. The company offers an online course that consists of various modules. The course helps children to improve their reading and spelling skills by teaching them to touch typing. You can even avail of special discounts by using Read and spell coupon codes on various products.

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The company has created a course that is both flexible and enjoyable for children and adults alike. Readandspell .com offers a free trial to demonstrate the course quality.

Mission and vision of Read and spell?

The  mission is to help children to read and spell better by offering a fun and effective multi-sensory course. The company aims to make this accessible to every child, making it affordable. TTRS wants to create a high-quality course that is easy for children and enjoyable for adults. It encourages parents, teachers, and support workers to help with the learning process at home or in the classroom.

The vision is to help children and adults read, spell and type more effectively. We aim to make this education free and accessible to all through our multi-sensory course. In order to achieve this, we need to create high-quality material for children, which will encourage families, teachers, and support workers to help their child improve their skills. As part of our company’s vision, we want to serve the needs of all children who could benefit from our multi-sensory course.

Read and Spell

What makes Read and spell Different?

The innovation of TTRS is that it will make touch typing more accessible to children and adults. It offers a high-quality multi-sensory course, which is fun and effective. The company is different from others as it is able to create a multi-sensory course that is affordable and accessible to all. In order for TTRS to provide this education, it has to make touch typing more flexible. It should also be suitable for all children and adults. The company also provide various Read and spell Coupon codes so that you can get some extra cash back.

About price and the products

Maths Course: This course is based on ten skills. Some of them are; counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. The spelling course: This course focuses on 24 spelling patterns and helps children to improve their spelling skills systematically.

Touch Typing: After completing the courses, children are able to touch typing, which plays a key role in helping them read and spell better. They will be able to read faster with increased accuracy and be able to spell longer words more accurately. The company explains that with this ability, children will find it easier to read for longer periods of time as they become more confident about their abilities (Reading Confidence = Reading Success).

Advantages of the course: Advantages of the course:

Three core modules with five sub-modules are highlighted in this company’s approach. They are: The “Training and Refresher” module helps to continue learning touch typing even after completing the course. It can be used for practicing, training, and refreshing what was learned during the course. This module helps to increase accuracy and speed when typing. All exercises in this module have been designed by experts who specialize in reading and spelling.

There is also an exercise that helps children review words that they did not spell correctly during the course because it will then help them learn how to spell better.

The charges of the course €152


How to Apply Read and spell Discount code? 

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Browse and choose items for purchase from the  Read and spell website and proceed to the checkout page.

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Who is the cancellation of the course?

If you cancel your course, they will not charge you until 14 days before the course starts. This is to protect you from cancellations made by the company.

Is the “Training and Refresher” module available for children who failed the original course?

No, but it will be offered for children who fail the “Training” module of the other modules. These children need to complete two modules before they can use this module. When they start using this module, they will not be allowed to access any other modules. For example, after completing both modules of the “Training” and “Refresher”, they cannot access the main modules because they have already completed them successfully twice before.