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Paint My Furkids

Paint My Furkids is a company dedicated to helping pet owners commission hyper-realistic hand-painted oil paintings of their loved pets. The company offers oil paintings that contain an extremely high level of detail and vibrant use of the chosen color palette. The company also offers pet portrait paintings that are painted from a photograph that is highly realistic and contains the same attention to detail. The oil paintings are hand-painted on canvas using artist-grade oil paints and all colors are mixed by hand. You can even avail of special discounts by using Paint My Furkids coupon codes on various products

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Mission and vision of Paint My Furkids?

Paint My Fur Kids has a long-term goal of helping pet owners commission hyper-realistic pet portraits that are produced in an extremely high quality, hand-painted oil painting. The company also has a more immediate goal of providing affordable pet portraits that are made to order specifically for the client.

Paint My Fur Kids has a long-term vision with its mission of creating hyper-realistic pet portraits for pet owners to cherish. The company also has goals of creating affordable pet portrait paintings for the general public. That are made to order specifically for the client. The company is dedicated to its mission and vision, and the company is planning to turn its goals into reality. The company is also dedicated to providing customers with a high-quality product and is planning for the future when it comes to contact with new customers.

What makes Paint My Furkids Different?

Many factors make Paint My Fur Kids different from other companies available in the market. The company’s ability to exceed customer expectations with all of the features offered. For example, the company can custom paint all of their oil paintings to order. The company also offers high-definition digital photos for use with the paintings. Which are most likely more realistic than any other images of animals that are currently out there. They are different because the company offers many different kinds of paintings. And keeps expanding the collection based on requests from previous customers.
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Paint My Furkids

About the price and the product

Custom Pet Portrait Basic Digital Art: This product is an oil painting that has the option of being commissioned based on a digital photo. The process is simple and makes the order process very straightforward. The product has high-quality oil painting and a canvas that is painted to order with beautiful colors. The portrait is stretched on a frame, which is made to fit the size of the portrait with major adjustments possible. This order process is simple, making the process easy for any customer to order. The recipient will receive a high-quality painting that has been painted from their photo. In a beautiful oil paint that was mixed with authentic artist-grade colors.

Custom Pet Portrait Basic Digital Art: costs $10

Royal Pet Portraits: This product is also a basic oil painting that has a digital photo. That is used as a reference for the portrait. The primary difference between this and the custom pet portrait is the level of complexity – making it more difficult to create. This product has more complex features, such as using multiple colors for fur, more intricate patterns, and a higher level of detail. There are two available sizes of this product and many accessories available to personalize it with your business name, website address, or logo. The recipient will receive a high-quality painting that has been painted. From their photo in beautiful premium oil paints mixed with artist-grade colors.

Royal Pet Portraits: costs $25.0

How to Apply Paint My Furkids Discount code?

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 Are the portrait paintings of animals realistic?

Yes, the animals in our portraits are 100% hand-painted by skilled artists using pure artist-grade oil paints. The animal’s fur is colored with pure artist-grade colors that are mixed to create a brilliant oil painting.

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