Spintend Coupon Code, Review & Promo Code 2023

Spintend is a leading company in the electric skateboard industry. They provide not only high-quality ESCs and complete kits but also send great technical service if you need it.  The company offers a wide range of ESCs with different specs and prices. Some of them are very economical, but some are designed for high performance and competition. What’s more, all the products come with a one-year warranty. You can even avail of special discounts by using Spintend coupon codes on various products.

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 Mission and vision of Spintend?

Spintend is dedicated to promoting electric skateboarding and other fun lifestyles.  The mission of the company is to offer the best high-performance ESCs, motors, and accessories for electric skateboards, bicycles, drones, boats, and other vehicles.

The company strives to develop the most advanced and high-performance products for electric skateboards and other new vehicles. Spintend believes that the future of electric street riding will be more aggressive, powerful, and colorful than ever before. The vision of the company is to create more products in the future.


What makes Spintend Different?

The company makes all of the in-house components including PCBs, firmware, custom motor controllers. They are not only good at developing their own products but also learn from others’ designs and make them even better. Their ESCs for electric skateboards are able to run faster, quieter, and cooler than other competitors’. Thanks to their comprehensive experience and original products, Spintend is one of the most popular ESC sellers on Amazon. The company is different because it doesn’t only focus on their own lines but also tries to learn from others’ designs and make them even better. The company also provide various SPINTEND Coupon codes so that you can get some extra cash back

About price and the products

Dual Motor Controller based on VESC: The product is the new generation of VESC based on VESC. The product is the latest and most advanced dual motor controller board which can easily control two motors and provide accurate current, voltage, and RPM to each motor. The product is for ESCs, BMS boards, remote controllers, etc. It is equipped with a DMC5 dual motor controller chip and sensorless DC motors.

The main features of the product include :

Multiple motor control modes: Support for various modes of operation such as Sport, Trick, Race, etc. (the same function as used on the VESC is provided) Large onboard memory: The product has a large onboard memory to store and organize data like ESC algorithm, BMS parameters, etc. (the same as used on the VESC is provided).

The latest and most advanced dual motor controller chip: The product supports the new generation of DMC5 dual motor controllers chip (the latest technology). Onboard sensors are also supported to enable ESCs to use high-performance sensorless DC motors without any additional sensors.

Dual Motor Controller based on VESC: costs $399

Hub motor electric Fat Scotter Wheel: This product is the newest and most stylish hub motor electric Fat Scotter wheel. It is made with high-performance nylon to perfectly follow the shape of the wheels, which is quite different from other ones which are only made of plastic or wood. It has a durable and lightweight design.  The features of the product include:

Functionality: The product has high-performance nylon to perfectly follow the shape of the wheels, which is quite different from other ones which are only made of plastic or wood. It is durable and lightweight.

Stylish appearance: This wheel is designed with a smooth and fine surface so that it looks very stylish and fun.

Adopts a newly designed hub motor with an extremely low weight (CNC machined aluminum hub plus acrylic spacer)

Durable design: Made with high quality nylon material, it will hardly wear out in one year. Shadow Sensor Support: This product is the most complete ESC Support for Shadow Sensor as used in the Delta series.

Hub motor electric Fat Scooter Wheel: costs $220


How to Apply Spintend Discount code? 

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Does the hub motor support reversing?

Yes, it supports reversing. If a motor goes reverse, the other motor should go forward to keep the balance.