Recharge Health Coupon Code, Review & Discount Code 2022

Recharge Health is a healthcare company that is creating solutions that enable people to live healthier lives. With its illumination technology, Recharge Health has developed the world’s most innovative and effective devices for health care and wellness. The company provides a range of products from light therapy devices to home energy management. You can even avail of special discounts by using Recharge Health coupon codes on various products

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 Mission and vision of Recharge Health?

The mission of  Recharge Health is dedicated to empowering people to improve their own health.  The goal is to help people live longer and healthier, reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity. We are also dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of our products.

The vision of the company is that we help people to take control of their health. Our goal is to create devices that allow you to achieve your best health and well-being by providing tools for better lifestyle management – tools and products that are simple, safe, and effective.

Recharge Health

What makes RECHARGE HEALTH Different?

The main difference between Recharge Health and its competitors is the Flex Beam technology. The company has developed its own rechargeable, LED-illumination technology that is based on a non-invasive light therapy device for use in various health care applications. The USP of the product is its targeted red light therapy (RLT) technology that is used to treat a wide range of health conditions and diseases. The company also provide various RECHARGE HEALTH promo codes so that you can get some extra cash back.

About price and the product

Flex Beam: This product is the first commercial, FDA-cleared non-invasive light therapy device. The device is designed to reduce fatigue, improve sleep and reduce pain. This product is a breakthrough because it provides medical benefits with only 30 minutes of treatment a day.

Features of the product:

The main features of Flex Beam are its compact and portable, lightweight design, and its facility to provide red light therapy.

Compact and Light-Weight: The key advantage of this product is its compact and lightweight design. It comes in a small packaging that is easy to carry around. This enables you to use it conveniently and anywhere anytime without having to hold it tightly in your hand.

Ease of Use: Flex Beam can be used easily by everyone without requiring any kind of training or special skills. It works through the application of only an LED light that is designed to look down at a person’s eyes (called “eye-flashes”). Another important feature of the product is that light therapy is painless and non-invasive. On-Invasive: The Flex Beam is designed to treat a person’s eyes by exposing them directly to the LED eye-flashes for about a minute. It does not interfere with your vision because it does not use a laser.

Red Light Therapy: This product uses red light therapy to alleviate several diseases and improve health conditions like high blood pressure, depression, sleep problems, digestive disorders, joint pain, and more. This red light therapy is also designed to boost your immunity. It is especially useful in fighting the winter blues, jet lag, and fatigue.

Flex Beam costs $599


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 What happens to the Flex Beam device when it is not in use?

 The light engine inside the FlexBeam device turns off automatically when not in use. The time for this turn-off varies depending on your settings. We recommend that you leave it switched off overnight after you have finished using it for treatment. This will help to preserve the battery of the light engine and provide longer battery life.

How do I clean the FlexBeam device?

 We recommend that you clean your device with a soft, damp cloth and apply mild soap if needed. Cleaning it regularly will help to prolong the life of the product and keep it looking nice.

 How do I charge my FlexBeam device?

 To charge your FlexBeam, first remove your protective cap that covers the USB charger port on the strand of lights on top of your device (this is where your charging cable will be inserted).