Qi Supplements Coupon Code, Review & Promo Code 2022

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Qi Supplements

Qi Supplements is one of the leading suppliers of beauty, wellness, and health products serving both the corporate and individual markets. They began their journey with a highly-motivated staff, a cutting-edge supply chain, and the best customer service in the industry. Qi Supplements also offers their clients a wide array of services including corporate wellness programs, individual nutritional consulting programs, point-of-sale planning and development, and much more. You can even avail of special discounts by using Qi Supplements coupon codes on various products.

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The company offers a wide variety of products that include nutritional supplements, beauty, and personal care products, weight loss, and fitness products.

Mission and vision of Qi Supplements?

The mission is to help our clients age gracefully and live healthier and better lives. We strive to offer products with the highest customer service, value, and safety. They pride themselves on offering a wide array of health and beauty solutions for each individual’s needs.

They are committed to helping our clients look, feel, and live younger. Qi Supplements have a team of professionals that offer the highest level of customer service to ensure excellence as well as competitive pricing and extensive product knowledge. They will strive to deliver products that deliver on their promise. This is accomplished by excellent sourcing, manufacturing, and fast delivery of the highest quality products to our customers.

Qi Supplements

What makes Qi Supplements Different?

Qi Supplements offers a myriad of health and beauty products which they pride themselves on. They always strive to exceed the needs of each of their clients.  The company is different from others because of its dedication to continuously providing products that exceed the needs and wants of each person. Their team also believes in educating their clients on the products they offer. They strive to serve both the corporate wellness markets and individual consumer markets. The company also provide various Qi Supplements promo codes so that you can get some extra cash back.

About price and the products

Melatonin MZS 60 Tablets: These tablets contain Forte Forte Melatonin as Hydrochloride which is a potent naturally occurring hormone present in all mammalian systems.

Melatonin is responsible for regulating the biological rhythm, hormonal processes, and sleep patterns. These tablets provide the benefits of this hormone. And help to promote overall good health by promoting the natural rhythm of daily activities and sleep. They are also known to help control blood sugar, enhance metabolism, regulate sleep, and improve mood. The tablets work as a natural sleep aid and help promote deep restful sleep. Melatonin helps to promote a youthful appearance by increasing collagen production and decreasing the rate of aging.

 Melatonin MZS 60 Tablets: costs $17

Bone Marrow peptide Boregular 20 capsules: These capsules contain a combination of ingredients that work together to promote bone growth, joint health, and muscle health. They are also known to enhance athletic performance by promoting recovery. No regular is ideal for the older population or anyone looking to improve their bone density by improving their skeletal structure. The capsules contain an essential combination of amino acids including calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins C and E.

The amino acid combo present in the capsules helps to promote joint support joints while working as a powerful antioxidant to remove free radicals in the body, increasing energy levels. For the best offer use Qi Supplements Coupon code.

Bone Marrow peptide Boregular 20 capsules: costs $55

Parasite defense and Biofilm Detox: This product works to provide the user with a daily defense against parasites and harmful invaders. It helps to decontaminate the body of harmful invaders while providing a biofilm that guards the body against future incidents. The active ingredient present in this product helps to support healthy immune function. Improves digestion and nutrient absorption, and strengthens the immune system.

Parasite defense and Biofilm Detox costs $89


How to Apply Qi Supplements Discount code? 

Copy the listed QI SUPPLEMENTS Coupon Code and visit the official website.

Browse and choose items for purchase from the  QI SUPPLEMENTS website and proceed to the checkout page.

Apply the QI SUPPLEMENTS Promo Code before you make the payment.

What is their return policy?

All items purchased from Qi Supplements can be returned within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund, exchanges, or store credit. This is only valid for purchases made through their online platform. Customers may also request a refund or exchange by calling customer service within 30 days of the purchase date

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