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ADM Full Forms

The ADM Full Form is “Additional District Magistrate“, “Additional Dealer Markup“, “Advanced Diploma in Management” and “Assistant District Manager“. Also, Adm has many other Full Forms listed in the below table.

Mainly ADM is Stands for “Additional District Magistrate“, “Additional Dealer Markup“. Now we listed All ADM Full Form in Hindi Meaning In the below table.

ADM Full Form In Hindi Meaning

Additional District Magistrate ( Mostly used in India)
अतिरिक्त जिला मजिस्ट्रेट
Additional Dealer Markup
अतिरिक्त डीलर मार्कअप
Advanced Diploma in Management
प्रबंधन में उन्नत डिप्लोमा
Average Days on Market
बाजार पर औसत दिन
Advanced Document Management
उन्नत दस्तावेज़ प्रबंधन
Alternative Delivery Method
वैकल्पिक वितरण विधि
Assistant District Manager
सहायक जिला प्रबंधक
Assistant Division Manager
सहायक मंडल प्रबंधक
Arrow Diagram Method
तीर आरेख विधि
Animal Damage Management
पशु क्षति प्रबंधन
Associate Deputy Minister
सहयोगी उप मंत्री
Active Device Mount
सक्रिय डिवाइस माउंट
Application Dependency Mapping
आवेदन निर्भरता मानचित्रण
Advanced Document Management
उन्नत दस्तावेज़ प्रबंधन
Absolute Distance Measurement
पूर्ण दूरी माप

ADM Full Form in Hindi

Friends, you are welcome, in our new post and friends, we will talk about the ADM Full Form, how much and what the Full Forms are, we will also talk.

And one thing, friends, we think that all the short forms have full forms in Hindi, but friends, it is not so and sometimes we can leave only a few full-forms in Hindi and it does not mean that all the short forms in Hindi are full. There is a form and friends, now look at the full form of everyone, but it is not in Hindi, but everyone means Hindi, okay friends! Let’s start with what the English ADM Full Form is, after that we will understand the meaning of all of them and see if there is any Hindi in it. Form emerges.

See first thing, ADM does not have a single full form, it means there are many full forms and we will talk about which is used more so that you can use it in important work, that is, learn to use it easily


So friends, the most commonly used full form of ADM is “Additional District Magistrate” and “Architecture Development Method” Friends, here two full forms are used very much, so let’s know the meaning of these below.

Additional District Magistrate, if you talk about the meaning of this, then friends, you must be aware that in all the districts there is a court or court where people go for justice, which is the opinion that is given, which is more than that of justice. We call them Magistrate and in every Court there are two Magistrate, the first one is the main Magistrate and the other ones are called the Additional District Magistrate

Right now friends, “Architecture Development Method” is from an engineering study and it is used more in Engineering College, so now friends have been given below many full forms of ADM, you read and understand Jake and if you are unable to explain anything. Comment below and tell

FAQ on ADM Full Form

What Is ADM?

The ADM is an Acronym and ADM stands for “Additional District Magistrate“, “Additional Dealer Markup“.

What is the ADM Full Form in Medical?

ADM Full Form in Medical is “Admission“, “Admit” and “AIDS Defining Malignancy“.

ADM Full Form in Registration?

The ADM Full Form in Registration is “Additional District Magistrate“.

What is ADM Full Form?

ADM Full Form is “Additional District Magistrate

Final Point: ADM Full Form

Now we step in the conclusion part of the post so, the main thought is the ADM Full Form is “Additional District Magistrate”Dear friends, if you read the Complete Post and find any mistake then suggest to us the right one that we can able to correct the post.Also, if think this is a good and knowledgable source for you and may help others then show your greatness by sharing the post in Social Media.Lastly, thank you for the visit keep connecting with us for more knowledge. Also, check the below articles that may give you a better experience.


Now next article written on AOL Full form

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