wati.io Coupon Code, Review & Discount Code 2022

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Wati.io is a tool that lets you send order updates, reminders and payment updates through official WhatsApp Business APIs for your business. It allows your team to manage daily tasks on one platform rather .Than multiple platforms and get reports of these tasks in real-time. Get started in minutes and have your messages delivered via instant notifications from Facebook’s central AI infrastructure. The Company offers a solution that allows businesses to automate their marketing and sales completely. You can even avail of special discounts by using Wati.io coupon code on various products.

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 Mission and vision of Wati.io?

 The mission is to make the work of businesses easier and more effective. The goal is to use artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning to help businesses automate their routines. They provide the tools for companies to integrate official APIs for WhatsApp Business easily, Confide (formerly Whisper) or SMS text messages with an easy-to-use tool. They are dedicated to providing the tools and solutions to reach out to customers easily, manage customer relationships and business transactions, and monitor and analyse the results of these activities.

 Its vision is to offer its users the essential tools for running their businesses and communicating with customers, suppliers, and business partners and providing them with the data analytics from all these activities. They are focused on making it easier. And more cost-effective for businesses to reach out to customers, manage daily tasks and oversee the results of their activities.


 What makes Wati.io Different?

Unlike other apps, sending messages through WhatsApp Business and SMS via the Wati.io app is completely free and easy. The Company provides an exceptional online experience for its users. They offer great discounts and coupons that apply to their products and services. Wati.io also delivers the results of your activities, like sales, in real-time through instant notifications to your WhatsApp inbox, just like Facebook’s Messenger bot does to customers. It tracks all these tasks, lets you send reminders if required, and even records them. They are different from others as they offer robust software that lets businesses automate. Their routine tasks and reach out to more customers at an affordable price. The Company also provides various Wati.io Coupon code to get some extra cashback.

About the price and the services

 Google Sheet Sender: This service by Wati.io is a simple Gmail add-on that lets you send Google spreadsheets to yourself or any email address. The service enables you to send files as attachments in emails, exactly like the default option but with the SMS feature. The service is free of cost but limited to one email per month. Alternatively, you can use more accounts from your Google account to send more emails in a single month. The service is available on Android and iOS.

Woocommerce: This service lets you send products as attachments to emails. When you purchase a Woocommerce subscription from Wati.io, you can get your orders delivered directly to your inbox. The service is free of cost but limited to one order per month. The service is available on Android, and iOS.Wati.io coupon codes are available on numerous products and services from the Company. You can use these coupons on all your purchases and get up to 30% discounts. This coupon code is applicable for the next 12 months for all users, regardless of whether you are new or existing users. Also, each one-time use coupon would be valid for one day only.

 Standard Plan costs RS2990

Professional Plan costs RS5800


How to Apply Wati.io Discount code? 

Copy the listedWati.io Coupon Code and visit the official website.

Browse and choose items for purchase from the Wati.io website and proceed to the checkout page.

Apply the Wati.io Promo Code before you make the payment.

 How many subscriptions are available?

 Multiple subscriptions are available, depending on your business needs and the number of users. You can choose from one to three devices from the bundles on offer and many more features like recipient sorting, special characters, auto-responders, etc.

Free trial: Yes

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can choose from one to three devices for monthly plans on this service and pay using that billing cycle only. You will get your invoice delivered in your inbox every month thereafter. You can also choose to pay yearly or pay the entire charges in advance over 12 months (13 payments).

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