The Good Community Manager Inside And Out

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The Good Community Manager Inside And Out

In the age of the Internet and immediate communication, who else, who least has a social network. And managing a Facebook account, an Instagram account and a Twitter account, which seems like an easy task, already gives many of them the feeling of being professional community managers, but nothing is further from the truth. First of all, it is very different to manage your personal networks and manage social networks of companies or professional brands. And then, the knowledge of the community manager ranges from journalism to sociology and marketing. Can we all be community managers? Sure, but with one condition: we must be properly trained for it.

Requirements to be a good community manager

Knowing how to publish content such as making a post on Instagram, writing a Tweet and updating the status on Facebook does not automatically make us social media managers. We must take into account other factors that do not depend so much on the publications but on how we get our users to interact with them. Getting engagement will be our maxim, and from there, the final goal will be conversions. Let’s see some tips for good community manager practices.

  • Keep a cool head. There is a lot of troll on the Internet that will try to get you out of your boxes just for fun. Do not fall into their networks. Always offer correct, respectful and helpful answers. Be smarter than them. An inappropriate response can cause a reputation crisis that ruins your image, even if you erase it in time. There will always be someone who has taken a screenshot. The social media manager must be smart, polite and helpful, even with the worst of the networks.
  • Information is power. Before answering a complaint, a criticism, a question, etc., find out who is asking you. Are you a regular user? An influencer? A potential new customer? A troll? Tailor your response to your target audience to make sure it will be useful to them, and maybe even get new followers. It will also be important that you investigate the facts of the query or complaint, get the details of all parties to be prevented.
  • Tune the antenna. Always listen to what they say about you. Knowing what impression you are making in your online community will help you steer your digital marketing strategies one way or the other. Everything will depend on what image you want to project. Users are the best thermometer to measure yourself.
  • Create community. Interaction on social networks must be bidirectional. For this you will have to get your community to participate. Take an interest in them, ask them about topics that help you get to know them, generate conversation … Speak their same language to create long-term links and retain them. Find out what they need before they ask and offer it to them. In this way they will see that you know them and you will build trust. Always stay one step ahead.

The strategies of the social media manager

Once we have learned to function naturally as a community manager, we must put into practice some strategies to make our social networks work. The person in charge of managing the strategy in social networks will have to adapt day by day according to the market.

  • Create valuable content. Prioritize quality over quantity, that your content contributes something of interest to your potential clients.
  • Know the Video Animation Company, the sector and the consumers. We have already seen that knowledge is power, so if you know well where you move it will be easier to reach users and that this will bring you benefits.
  • Patience and perseverance. The results of online strategies are not immediate. Be clear about your plan and don’t give up until you can measure the results. 
  • Share and not compete. Take advantage of collaborations, joint initiatives … Teamwork will bring you benefits. Today for you tomorrow for me.
  • Humanize networks. Scheduling the publications will help you in your day-to-day life, but don’t forget to show that behind you there is someone of flesh and blood with whom you can have contact.
  • Marketing mindset, not just social media. The final goal is always to achieve conversions, therefore, orient your strategy not only to publish to publish, but to achieve marketing objectives with it.
  • Analyze and make decisions based on the results. Don’t make decisions without rhyme or reason. Analyze the results with Google Analytics and then propose the strategies according to the plan that you proposed is working. Change or adapt it for better results.  
  • Let the networks be a path to the web. As we have said, the end goal of content management ends up being conversions. Use social media to bring your customers to the web, where they can generate profits for you.
  • Step by step. Set achievable short-term goals, get them and set yourself again. Don’t want to run too much, move to the rhythm of your community.
  • Make a calendar. Establishing an editorial calendar of content will be very useful to keep track of your publications and have room for maneuver if they have to be modified.

Are you the perfect community manager? Analyze yourself!

We have seen the good practices of a social media manager and some of the strategies that can be put into practice to achieve good results. But, how is the community manager inside?

  • Creative. On a tight budget, you can do wonders for your posts.
  • Humblest. He never has an opinion, he is only the spokesperson for the brand.
  • Empath. He understands users and knows how to put himself in their place.
  • Patient. Attend, listen, solve … And without complaining. It is at the service of the client.
  • Resolutive. He is quick with answers and right with solutions.
  • Leader. Control the community from the shadow to generate interaction.
  • Curious. He is aware of the latest news and knows how to apply them to the needs of the company. 

We have reviewed the qualities that a good community should have, your professional profile and some of the online marketing strategies that you can put into practice in your work. But obviously there are many more factors that we have to take into account to make an optimal management of social networks and that this brings us benefits.

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